Hello and welcome! My name is Kristina and here I would like to let go my thoughts on films, mainly Asian ones. The thing is, I work as a programmer for ART FILM FEST Košice, Slovakia, and thanks to that I get to see quite a number of them. Yet, the sections totals eight or nine films, and the final selection depends on so many invariables. The other thing is, my background is in film studies, and I miss thinking and writing about films. Hope you find both, the films and the writings, interesting.

Oh, you might wonder about the name, AnomaLilly. Yes, it origins in a typo I made while trying to write “anomaly”. Naturally, I had to inform a friend about my success. After a big laugh we found out, it would made a great manga superhero(ine) name. You know, colourfull hairdo, puffy skirts, runs on coffee.