Invisible But Still Humans in Hong Kong: STILL HUMAN

A pleasure to watch film falling into the line of the socially aware cinema of Hong Kong. Just to be clear, this line has been around for some decades, yet due to more cool, more obvious, more stylistically luring line of the triad and action cinema, it has been hidden in its shadow. 

Let us also say, that the higher number of China-Hong Kong co-production and productions keeping the acclaimed Hong Kong directors busy have a lovely side effect – make the s.c. Fresh Wave generation even more visible. And that is good. 

Oliver Chan Siu Kuen`s Still Human is a result of the First Feature Film Initiative; Chan is the winner of its 3rd edition. It is yet another of the Hong Kong films that demonstrate not only the interest to remind of forgotten or invisible people of the region, but also the skill to do so without excessive drama and emotional blackmail. It is especially admirable when one takes into account that the premise of “Still Human” just invites for a slide into cheesy melodrama pond. 

My full review at Asian Movie Pulse.


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