I Have Seen a Face: YOUR FACE by Tsai Ming-liang

Your Face feels to be a very logical continuation in Tsai`s approach to cinema. It refuses to fall neatly into any category, and despite it somehow tells stories, it stands far from the “solid” narrative that has never been the pivotal point for Tsai; the long and longer takes and silent treatments are as present as ever. With this statement comes a prophecy: if you like it, you like it, if you don`t, you`ll suffer.


THERE IS NOT ONE MOTHER: Mothers by Lee Dong-eun

The Competition of Fiction Features of the 24th Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas (Festival International des Cinémas d′Asie) screened in international premiere the directorial debut Mothers by Lee Dong-eun. Perhaps hidden from the plain sight, as it does not offer a first handed strong political message, the film has a lot to say. What more, it delivers the ideas without excessive drama.