Paris has many charms, some obvious, others more hidden from the plain eyesight. But a keen eye is a happy eye, as it might not miss the event that causes queues in Forum des imges, the 2nd and 3rd week of September. This year, it is 23rd time for L'Étrange Festival to open its gate. In a way, its (hi)story is a story of love, passion and a bit of stubbornness, as it happens with most film festivals.

YOU ARE THE TENANT OF MY TINY EYE. Interview with Adam Tsuei

At the 22nd L'Étrange festival in Paris (7-18 September, 2016), I got the chance to interview Adam Tsuei, who came to the festival not as the producer of You Are the Apple of My Eye, Café. Waiting. Love. or Tiny Times and Tiny Times 2.0, but as first-time director of The Tenants Downstairs.